Why no PM available


I now the platform supports Personal messaging, but it seems absent here. @Richard.Dane any chance this will be added?



No, for the same reasons it was disabled on the last forums - it was abused and was used as a tool for solicitation. There is some private messaging here, but it’s just for use between Admin and members.



Richard, I am happy with the new forum but need your help.

I receive messages directly to my email when people respond to my posts. I do not want these emails because they come directly into a mailbox that I share with my lovely wife. She loves the sound of music but cares nothing about the forum discussions. Can you share how to disable this flow of messages into my email?

@Richard.Dane Please help if you can point me in the right direction.

Put me down as somebody who would like to receive private messages within the forum. I am just not interested in seeing them in my home email.




At the bottom of each thread is a line that says something like this:

Normal You will be notified if someone mentions your @name or replies to you

If you click it you’ll find other options including muted, which might give what you want.



Skip, go to your profile and then preferences, then go to email and you will see a nu nber of tick options with a drop down menu; click on “never” and then tick any appropriate options. Then save.



Got it. Many thanks.



Worth remembering that if you are involved in a single thread, you can opt to choose email notifications just for that thread if you wish ( without being inundated with emails from every thread.)
I use a separate email address for this so that my regular email address doesn’t get cluttered up.

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