Why the name Flatcap or hicap?

I’ve been curious, does anyone know the origin of the names of the PSUs?

HiCap was HIgh CAPacity power supply. I assume that Flatcap came from the fact it was a half height power supply, so a flat version of the “CAP”, and Supercap the higher performance version. This old manual has the abbreviations of the time spelt out. https://www.avoptions.com/downloads/manuals/Naim-Audio-Owners-Manual-1989.pdf

The very earliest power supply I know of was the Naim Audio Power Supply NAPS, which was replaced by the Super Naim Audio Power Supply (SNAPS).


I have always assumed that a FlatCap is the northern, working-class version of a HiCap. Forum members who are not English may be puzzled at these references…


Actually, I think this translate to many European cultures where the bankers and office people wear high hats and farmers / workers wear the flatcap. My granddad in his nineties would never leave his house without a flatcap.


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