Wi-Fi or Wired -NDX2

My NDX2 has been connected vis Wi-Fi since I bought, after reading about hard wired along with audiophile switch was wondering how much it would make a difference if I decide to hard wire the NDX2, as usual I cannot try or demo the EE8 before purchase (need to import from UK) and will depend on the feedback from you wonderful guys.

Never used Wi-Fi and only have used direct ethernet connection with my NDX 2.

Router > Blue Jeans Cable Cat 6a > C2960C-8PC-L Cisco Switch > Blue Jeans Cable Cat 6a > English Electric 8Switch > Blue Jeans Cable Cat 6a> NDX 2.

Sources are NAS, Qobuz, and internet radio.

… and the music sounds sublime!


How important is the EE8 switch in your set up? Have played with the Adot solution I am curious on how to improve my network .

Re OP question I think the general advise is go wired if you can. I use a melco ethernet cable into my NDS.


I was using just the router to the Cisco switch with my NDX 2 and I thought the system sounded fantastic. When my dealer offered a the EE8 switch for a demo to return or buy, I dropped by and picked one up. From the moment I installed it in the system I thought it was immediate improvement. I listened for a few more days and called him back and gave him my credit card number over the phone.

For my system, my room, my ears the EE8 was a positive addition.

There have been a number of threads discussing the topic and lots of comments to be found using the search feature. 20 results when using ‘English EE8’ in the search box.


My Linn streamer is hard wired only and big improvement when I changed to the EE8 switch.

Only thing I can add for benefits of hard wired to Wi-Fi, is when I connected the TV to the EE8 from Wi-Fi, there was a huge, significant improvement in sound and vision quality.


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Wired, depending on cable quality :grinning:, should always be more reliable than WiFi.

That said I deploy a hybrid LAN, both wired and WiFi, and have never experienced any technical issues whatsoever (other than occasionally locking a device out by forgetting to release its network security settings :smirk:)

I have no experience of ‘dedicated hifi’ network switches, or any other similarly qualified/priced hardware so cannot comment of SQ etc. Many users appear more than satisfied with ‘standard’ network components from respected manufacturers eg Cisco, Netgear, Zyxel etc. *


  • Many other brands are available and a very broad range of prices…
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Wi-Fi here. Never a problem. Compared to hardwired and didn’t hear a difference.


Buying any network equipment in the hope that it has a (positive) effect on sound quality is a complete gamble. Every system, and the electrical environment in which it operates, is different, and the fact that someone else has reported a positive outcome doesn’t mean that you will have the same experience, even if you have the same HiFi system. And that’s before taking into account the effect of subconscious bias to which almost everyone thinks they are immune.


Having used mu NDX2 connected to my network via an Etherregen switch successfully for over a year something caused the wired connection to fail (still trying to get to the bottom of it - very puzzling as one data port of the 3 on the same network continues to work without interruption). So I now connect the NDX2 to my network via wifi and have found it very reliable with no loss of sound quality as far as I can tell. While as a matter of principle I would prefer to use a wired connection (if I can get my ethernet working again) I can’t say that I have found connecting via wifi any less satisfactory.


I use my NDX2 hard wired but have tried it with WiFi and tbh didn’t notice any difference. May just be my cloth ears. It strikes me that importing an EE8 on spec may be a bit of a gamble, good though they are undoubtedly are based on most reports.


A wired NDX2 and a 8Switch is a no brainer, just buy it.

Same here. Heard no difference with various switches and cables. Went back to WiFi. Very happy.


Is it? I suggest that you try your system again.

Yes it is…
IMO of course but I thought that went without saying…:smirk:

Spent day connecting new speaker cables but at same time I connected Ethernet cable to my ndx2 for first time.
My EE8 switch has flashing green light for Core (1000mbs) but flashing amber light for ndx2 (100mbs)
Have I done something wrong and how do I know if my streamer is operating on WiFi or Ethernet?

Does the flashing amber led indicate 100mbs traffic? This may be the correct NDX2 speed.

On the other hand if the EE8 auto detects line speed, it may get it wrong and may require gigabit to be set manually.


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You’ll always get an amber light, as that’s the speed the Naim streamers operate at. If it’s connected by wire it will use the wire. Go into network settings on the app to put your mind at rest.


Naim streamers, and most others, operate at 100mb by design. That’s partly because this is more than enough for any audio stream, even at higher res. It’s also because the Ethernet connection generates less electrical noise when run at lower speeds, so there is a potential sound quality benefit.


Thanks again HH. Think I’m sorted :+1:

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