Wifi interference

Hi all

Hope everyone is fine. I have a question for all
Does anyone get interference from their internet wifi connection. My concern is that I get this crackling noise sound a bit like fried eggs. When you turn volume up. Once you turn the internet off the noise disappears. You get the noise on every input on any amplifier. I have tried to eliminated source components and different locations around the house. The funniest thing is if you stream from the hi di no noise.

I have contacted the internet service provider who don’t know what to do. Any ideas.


Do you use any ethernet-over-mains devices?

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No I don’t have that problem & also not heard of same/similar from others.
As for ISP not knowing what to do, totally unacceptable.
First thing I would expect is them to supply a new (test) wireless hub & SMPS, assuming that is you are using the ISP supplied hub, if not then you need to.
If you use EoP (Powerline Ethernet Adaptors), disconnect it/them.

Who is the ISP ???

No there is a booster because the house is big

A few thought and questions:

Is it constant, or comes and goes throughout the day?
What stuff is around your HiFi, e.g. TV
What’s behind the wall where you HiFi is (e.g. a garage with a freezer, or neighbour running his welding gear)
Do you have a dedicated HiFi Circuit?
When was your gear last serviced?
Can you temporarily run an extension from your upstairs Mains to your HiFi as a test - also if you can, turn the Circuit breaker Off for the downstairs Ring as a further test?
If you turn off your WiFi in your Router settings, does the issue stop
Do you run Ethernet over Mains plug in devices?

Virgin media

It stops when you turn off the router and booster

Have you tried changing the signal channel on the wi fi setting on the hub ?

Are they located close to your Hi-Fi ?

Yes done all that makes no difference the service provider told me it was because my hifi was old I politely told him we’re to to go. Reply

Is it a wifi problem or a device problem? Turn off the booster. Turn off wifi and run a network cable from the router to any network device near to your amp. Is the noise still there when the network device is active?

  1. If not, then suspect the router or the booster. Turn off the booster and run just one wifi connected network device. Is the noise still there?

  2. If not, then turn the booster back on. Does the noise come back?

No the booster is about 50 ft away

And where is the main Virgin hub ?

The main internet box In the living room. The hi di is in its own dedicated room with an Alexa installed

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The thing is I need the internet on because of the work I do it’s just a pain in the####

What is the actual system configuration that’s giving you the problem. I can’t quite work out what you’re using from your profile in the dedicated room ?

I agree. Looks like the issue with the mains.
@Tosh1066 what if you disconnect the booster and router and build the wifi from the smartphone?
This is just a test to diagnose where to dig further

I do have issues with WiFi.

This emerged when I went active and is independent of the volume. There was a rustling noise across the tweeters which essentially meant you were hearing digital chatter including when instructions on, say, track selection were sent from my iPad to streamer (Atom through NAC 82 in my case) and when the Atom and server were interacting.

I was using mains based WiFi/physical hubs but removing those from the ring main for the level of the house the naim gear is on essentially improved that such that I only occasionally hear that noise now, but the system can pick up my iPhone or iPad when being used for other reasons. Utterly aggravating at the time but much better now!

I continue to use the mains boosters elsewhere in the house but these have limited range I find and also note that I’m on about 30MB ADSL, not fast fibre.

Thanks all sorry I have not been on line. thank you all but been with a bit busy working this afternoon. So I thank you all for all advice and responses. I will investigate as the noise drives me mental.

Thank you

We had problems with a booster (on a virgin system) .

Switched to a mesh system and all problems went away - and much more reliable (using Virgin hub as router only, with mesh providing the wifi). Worth invetigating - though obviously requires some investment