Wiim Pro as Uniti Mk1 streamer replacement

Dear all,

Still running the Unity Mk1 I bought in 2009. I updated and it now runs 4.8 firmware.
Did a listening session with two of my friends and we all thought the Wiim Pro was an excellent replacement for the streamer section of the Uniti 1. Overall sound was much more detailed and less harsh, allowing listening volume to be higher (both streaming from Qnap NAS or Tidal). I used the coaxial digital out (bypassing the Wiim Pro DAC).
Question is: Since the price of Wiim Pro Plus (which has a much better DAC) isn’t very much higher than the Pro version, should I consider the Pro Plus and also replace the Uniti DAC ?
Thank you for your advice.

Current sound system: Naim Uniti 1 + Naim P100 + Naim Credo


I used a Wiim Pro recently, into an NDS, to sample the current streaming services.
I think it’s fair to say it’s surprisingly good for the price.

Regarding the Wiim Pro Plus, as I understand it, the improvements are not only in the DAC, but also the clock.
When using a digital coaxial output to another DAC, would one not be relying upon the clock in the source component?
I believe that an external DAC only uses its own internal clock when using the newer type USB connection, between source and DAC.
This is a Synchronous vs Asynchronous signal difference.

If this is the case, I would assume one will benefit from the Wiim Pro Plus improved clock vs the Wiim Pro, in this context?

This is only my rudimentary understanding, though!
Perhaps others could provide further information on this?


I’m using a WiiM Pro right now as an endpoint for my UnitiQute 2. I’m using a $10 nominally 75 ohm rca-rca cable for now.

It’s an easy to use solution and it sounds just fine in my little system.

I did disable volume control in Roon and also adjusted the input trim up a bit from the Naim app’s default middle value.


The WiiM Pro’s benefit from a power supply upgrade. I added a used iFi ipower2 to mine and thought it $30 well spent.


I did the same volume adjustment on my test, which “beefed up” the sound.

I read somewhere that the power supply is only important when you are using the D/A converter (and not when you are using it only as a streamer with unconverted digital output). What do you think?

I didn’t do a controlled test and cannot completely rule out expectation bias but I thought I heard a slight improvement. And I run my WiiM pro through a nDac. It’s pretty easy to find a used one and resell it for little to no loss if it doesn’t work for you.

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Last night I changed the Wiim Pro output from Coaxial to Optical into a RME Adi2 FS DAC. It was a better connection for me as it got rid of a slight treble harshness and added a bit of bass weight. And that was using an affordable $12 optical cable.


I did the same. Using the optical cable supplied by Wiim, there was a noticeable improvement over the coaxial (with a QED performance): higher volume, the same detail and bass weight, more treble.
Thanks for your suggestion.


The consistent thing I’ve read on the WiiM forum is that cheap optical cables work as well as pricey ones.

I somehow mangled the connector inside my WiiM Pro such that the optical cable won’t mate with it, so I’m forced to use coax. But to my UnitiQute2 it’s just fine.

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