Wiim pro plus & Naim 5i (earthing)

Hi Team

Ive just picked up the pro plus and about to connect to my Naim 5i.

my existing setup requires that the Naim be earthed to its source but I can’t see anywhere to connect to on the pro plus? on my old dac I just ran an earth cable fro the nail to a metal screw on the day but I can’t see anything like that on the Wiim?

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Hi and welcome to the Naim forum.
Earthing is not required on Wiim PP, it’s power supply is via USB port.
The Naim earth (signal ground and safety earth) is taken care of with its power cable, nothing else required.

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You only need to earth the ground one if your sources to your Naim amp/preamp.
So if you have other sources where one of them is earth bounded you are fine.
If your Pro Plus is the only source and it has a floating earth (like it’s powered via USB or double insulated powersupply) , then yes for optimum performance you will need to attach the earth to the return (outer ring) of the phono output… or the ground return wire on another DIN input on the 5i amp. The earth grounding applies whether you select the input or not.

It will work without typically, but will be relying on a capacitively coupled or lossy earth connection, so the performance from the connected Naim won’t be as optimum as it otherwise could be.

Im a bit confused as it sounds like two different opinions.

The Pro Plus Is the only source and is powered by usb power.

Are yo saying I should run an arch cable from the 5i to the phono out of the pro plus?

I also realised that when the PP is powered off, the speaker buzz can be heard so assume I need to keep it powered on all the time?

My post was primarily to advise to use it as Wiim intended with no additional earth/grounding hookup links added by the user…
Yes in theory the Naim amp should have its source signal -ve grounded.
But I would expect that if there was indeed a problem I’m sure the many Wiim PP users around the world would have called it already.

Talking of world, where exactly are you? I’m thinking about your power supply.
Your Nait-5 is delivered with a 3 core cable & plug with Live, Neutral & Earth pins.
Do you have 3 pin outlet sockets.?

Indeed you have a view for what Naim needs to be optimum, and what Wiim intended in its ecosystem (from Mike) they can be different.

But you are using a Naim amp so you probably should consider that… as I said if you are unhappy modifying your Wiim product connections, you can connect an earth wire to the ground pin of a DIN plug on an unused input on your amp… it will do the same thing.

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Thanks all,

I think ive found the issue.

I have the naim amp plugged into a multi board and into the wall. this creates the buzzing.

I tried plugging the amp directly into the wall and the buzzing stopped.

Problem now is I have too any plugs and not enough wall sockets!

is there anyway to fix this?

It begs the question again, where are you and are your power outlets 3 pin (with an earth)
It sounds probable that your power supply is defective in some way, maybe no safety earth, possibly it’s just a new power multi board required.

I live in New Zealand

If you’re in NZ, don’t you have those wonderful Tap-on plugs that allow you to easily piggyback one plug onto another?

However, as Mike posts above, it may be wise to get your electrics looked at just in case you have a problem somewhere.

I that case you should have the harmonised Aus & NZ standard AS/NZS 3112
Outlet sockets will be flat 3 bladed with standard 230V domestic socket outlets rated at 10 A.
(higher current ratings with differing 3 blade size/shapes are available)

As I said in my previous post, you may have a defect in the power supply, indicated by the buzz noise when the multi/extention is in use but is OK when direct into the wall socket outlet.

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