WiiM Pro to Naim Nac 202

How do I connect a Wiim Pro to a Naim Nac 202 preamp?

The Wiim Pro uses a 2 x RCA Phono line out, so you’ll need at least a 2 x RCA Phono - DIN5 interconnect.

Better though might be to use a higher quality separate DAC and then feed that via one of the s/pdif (either coaxial or TOSLINK optical) outputs.

Thanks for that. Was told the WiiM Pro had a reasonable sound for it`s low price (a hundred and fifty quid) but I may end up buying a Naim streamer.

Considering all that it does, and for so little money, its sound quality is probably perfectly reasonable (I have not heard it, but have heard from those who have), but in a system of the calibre you have, it will likely be badly exposed if you are just relying on its own analogue output. At the very least you should consider using it with a decent DAC, but of course, cost-wise you’re then into much more serious money again, so a Naim streamer such as the ND5XS2 or NDX2 might well be the better bet here, as no matter how good the DAC, you would always be held to the limits of the WiiM’s digital output and associated power supply.

Do you own it already? If not I’d hold off - there is a new model coming out this week with a better dac implementation

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WiiM have an upgraded Pro (Pro Plus) coming out in a few weeks. It has a better AKM DAC in it so you may want to wait a bit. That said, it won’t beat a Naim streamer but should be a good value.

I was in a hi fi shop regarding something else and ended up buying it. I`ll give it a go and it may spur me on to getting one of the Naim streamers.

based on measurements the new Wiim Pro Plus looks like a great option for casual listening or if it isn’t your primary source, even without an external DAC - I suspect the folk over at Bluesound are looking a bit nervous and hoping real world listening test fall short… The Node X looks suddenly very expensive… and I say that as a very happy node user in the past.

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