WiiM Pro with UQ1

I have recently hooked my old Unitiqute 1 (original, never upgraded version) up in the office, and it really sounds great in the smaller space with a pair of bookshelf Totem’s.

I would like to use Roon (as I do in my main Naim system), to stream Tidal and access my music library. I was wondering if an inexpensive solution would be to hook up a WiiM Pro to the UQ, as it’s a Roon ready device? Not sure if the limitations on the original UQ would be an issue with this, or if it’s even doable as an option.

I just wanted to reach out and ask the experts - would appreciate any thoughts/perspectives. Thanks!

As long as you don’t use its internal dac it will be fine as a digital transport as it has a very good digital out with little wrong with it according to measurements . For the price it’s worth a go and you can always return it easily if you don’t get on with it.

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Should work well.

I use a WiiM Mini with a Mojo 2 as a headphone system in the bedroom. Excellent tunes and the WiiM app is really very good and stable.

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