Wiim pro?

has anyone now got or tried a wiim pro and what did you find?

Yes i have the Wiim Pro, very good for the money. I feed the optical out to my NJC DAC tested it against my Pi with a digione signature feeding my DAC and noted the Pi sounds better, think it might have a better clock on the pi.

The other thing was reading music on my NAS it’s not the best experience as for streaming services only one i have tested was my wife’s Amazon music the works fine (just not my wife’s taste music)

The app is quit good, got about 3 updates in the 2 week of having it but i did not note a change.
All in all i like it but if i want better sound i go back to my pi with Moode audio running the job.

I got a Wiim Pro few weeks back. It is connected via SPDIFI, means I do not use the internal DAC. I primarily use it to listen to CD-quality radio on my Superuniti. This is really a big gain for little money.
The integration of the Tidal app into the Wiim app is much better than the integration of Tidal in the Naim app.
I need yet to test the line out, this would tell me about the quality of the DAC. What I would find interesting is how the Wiim Pro behaves if connected to a good amp, like a Supernait or even a 250DR.

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