Will a new uniti remote control a 552?

If I were to get an new uniti ND streamer, would the remote also control volume my 552?

in the case it can, what can’t it do that the old narcom can do?


My ND555 remote controls the volume on my 252 via the automation set up not sure on the Narcom answers trust this helps

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If you meant Uniti, I think there’s no system automation option, but I think you mean the ND separates, in which case they have system automation , like their predecessors. So you can control preamp volume, input selection etc. with the streamer remote and the Naim app. What you can’t do, though, is control preamp volume via Roon, as it’s an analogue volume pot. You could probably do it by enabling the ND digital volume control, but this may affect sound quality.

Hi, my new NDX2 Zigbee remote controls my 552 volume via the ND automation … its all very straightforward… just as if I was controlling the NAC via the Naim app… but NAC volume adjustment becomes more easily controllable via the Zigbee remote… I like it.

The only downside to the new streamer automation, is that I can see no way of controlling my CDX2… where as I could achieve this with my older NDX… if anyone has any pointers.

As a result of this discussion, I have invoked System Automation and my Zigbee is now capable of controlling the volume and mute functions on my 552, so I can pretty well ditch the Flash remote now.
Great outcome!

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My ND555 remote also controls volume of the 552 presumably through system automation but I have a single wire connection from ir out jack on the ND to the 552. Is that wire required?

I would have said yes, the wire is essential, but I recently removed the cable between my NDX1 and 282, as it now site next to the sofa, with the pot. in easy reach.
I was surprised to find that the Uniti remote still controls preamp volume, although the app no longer does.
The new streamers may be different, of course.

Yes absolutely required… that is you need a 3.5mm mono jack to phono … works well. Your streamer can also select other NAC552 inputs, so I use this method to enable my FM tuner and CDX2 inputs on my 552 via my NDX2

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