Will airplay come to NDX (1)

As i can see is airplay possible for the NDX2, will it also come to the NDX (1) ?

There as you can use the NDX (2) as a pre amplifier. Will that be possible?

AirPlay isn’t going to be added to the old streamers.
As a requirement to obtain AirPlay certification, the NDX2 has a digital volume control. Naim recommend that you disable it for best sound quality, but it means that technically, you could probably use it direct into a power amp if you want.

I don’t think I would count on any new generation features making it into the legacy streamers (ND5-XS, NDX, NDS). The XS2, NDX2 and ND555 have a whole new digital transport, different from the legacy ones.

I’ve got Airplay on my ND5XS by using the optical output of an Apple Airport Express and setting the Unstable Source option on the Naim’s digital input to Yes.

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AirPort Express gets the job done for me. On the NDX, I have named the input “AirPlay”. It is not the best sounding source into my Naim DAC, but better than popular advice led me to believe.


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