Will Naim amplifiers work in USA

I have a naim XS 2 Amplifier I bought in UK. I am wondering if it will work in the USA. Thanks

Naim’s US agent can adapt most UK stuff, but whether this is financially worthwhile is another matter.

Naim UK modified my cds, nac 82, 2 x250 and snaxo before I left for the uk. Many years ago, but it was worth it. Give your dealer a call, he can find out.

Justin, as it stands, the NAIT XS2 transformer is wired for a set voltage - being a UK unit, that would be 230V/50Hz - so cannot be used in the USA without having the transformer either rewired or replaced by the Naim factory or a Naim approved servicer. This adds cost (considerably so, if the transformer needs replacement) so you should get an estimate from your Naim dealer.

An option would be to by a power regenerator that will work on 110v but outputs 240v …if you can find one that suits

I wouldn’t bother. Poor ones are awful, decent ones are expensive and even then performance is always a compromise.

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Your other option is to have a proper 220v circuit installed in your new home. They do this anyway for the cooker and air conditioning circuits. It takes 2x 110v lines wound at one end and a single set of windings for the 220v out. It’s effectively an isolating transformer (which has no impact) as the total input equals total output.

It’s a fixed solution though, not a plug in box.

But you could use an isolating step up/down transformer… they are quite expensive and heavy - but can usually handle several items as well as get rid of any DC in the mains that causes excessive transformer buzzing. I know a few people who have travelled and moved across the Atlantic that have used this…

Such as an Airlink transformer? Heavy certainly. 750VA model £90 compared to the price of an XS2 seems reasonable?

That seems incredibly reasonable. I ran my Rega ear for years on a non hifi step up/down (depending on which way round you plugged it in). But that was 150w from a hardware store and cost more than 90GBP.

I’m not sure I’d use a step up on a single 110v line though. I mean it works but if you want full UK like current ceiling, something that takes a proper dual 110v input to give a 220v out would be my preference.

In the USA, you can have the transformer rewired at A/V Options.


Ok Thanks all. I can see its not worth it.

You could ask the importer, Focal Naim America- the standard fee for Nait XS 220v-110V reconfiguration is $125, including a new naim AC cable and fuse.

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