Will ND555 have a outstanding performance with mcintosh gear?

Hello everyone
This is my first post
My current system is NDX2 with Mcinotsh MA12000 tube and solid hybrid integrated amplifier, with Sonus faber Amati speaker, Transparent reference RCA and speaker cables.
( My RCA cable is calibrated between mcintosh amp with naim streamer)

I really enjoy the naim streamer plus naim app, what a lovely piece!
I want to upgrade NDX2 to ND555, but there’s no demo for ND555 from where I live.
Will I get a big improvement for SQ from upgrading NDX2 to ND555 with my set ?

Thank you guys



Yes. That’s easy.

Note you will need a 555PS for the ND555.

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Thank you

Yes , if I decide I will get a 555power supply with it.


The ND555 is a rather grand leap over the NDX2 (and that’s not meant as a knock on the NDX2).


I’m excited !
I only heard naim atom and NDX2 for naim gears so far

But they are making me picture that I will go with naim separate in future , so lovely,

Of all the Naim gear I’ve owned over the years, the ND555 is my favorite. Even more so than the NAC 552.
Yes, you will appreciate the difference over the NDX-2.
The next step should be the NAC 552.


Thanks for sharing from your experiences.
I have been reading naim forum for months before I posted this first question.
This is seriously the best forum I have ever found.

I never thought I will listen to radio often again before I bought NDX2, but since I bought it I have been listening to radio ( Classic fm from different countries all around the world ) every single day.
Naim app, naim forum are amazing, making me falling love with this low key magic black box with cool green lights on.


For me the ND555 is a clear improvement over the NDX2, but really not worth the substantial extra cost. I’ve listened to it on a number of occasions and tried really hard to like it, but ultimately I was forced to admit to myself that I had enjoyed the music just as much on NDX2/XPSDR which is a fair bit less than half the price of the 555.

Others may feel that the ND555 is worth it, and that’s fine by me, but I have no desire to own one.


I’d suggest you buy a 555PSDR for your NDX2 as the first step. You’ll get a very significant improvement and it may be all you need. You could then swap to the ND555 should you want even more at a later date.


Is that with or without your DAVE?

That’s without Dave. Apart from my own NDX2 I’ve listened to them quite a bit at my dealers, and in the demo room at Naim HQ. All with Naim amps, 252/300, 552/500 and Statement.

Wow, that’s some amp you have there. Talk about feature packed, it looks like it has it all! 350 watts!

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I would encourage you to try a Naim or Chord DIN-RCA cable with the ND555. I’ve yet to hear a Transparent cable that sounded good.


Cool, Thanks for sharing from you experience.

I was thinking about the same thing , but my dealer is offering me to take back my NDX2 with full price for trade in now . If I trade in a year or after , I will lose at least 20%+ for my NDX2.

It’s 3 boxes in one integrated package, pretty cool.

Thanks for recommending , if I add the adapter cable from the first picture will probably not a good idea becouse that cable look extremely small to me so it will lose signals on the way I guess ?
My RCA cable is the second picture , I should calibrated the RCA - RCA straight to DIN - RCA , that will be a better choice right ?

You really need to hear the options. There’s no point spending an extra £8,000 just to save £1,000. If your dealer won’t facilitate that, perhaps you should look elsewhere.


I was thinking if I will get the nd555 eventionaly after time, why not just get there by one step if I can afford it now.
Thank you for the math and options.

I understand your views, because It is a big investment for a streamer.