Will R-Com work on NAC82?

Hello, I am in need of a new remote for my NAC 82 and was thinking about treating myself with a bit of an upgrade. Can anyone verify if the R-com will work? Even if only the main functions work that would be ok. Thanks!

Yes, the R-Com will work just fine.

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I think It depends on the age of your 82. I have an r-com and a 1995 nac 52.
Volume and mute work very fine - but switching channels has been implemented only in later ones. Had a 1999 for a short time and here input can be switched via r-com

It will work on all 82s. The NAC52 was released with a unique remote control, later 52s were change to the Philips type codes and work with all Narcom remotes.

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Yes I know, but mine is a later (but not late) one which works fine with all narcom remotes - but not with r-com no input change is possible.
Maybe with 82 it is different

Really, I thought the R-Com was just a Narcom in a fancy frock.

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