Willie Nelson at 90 years Young

I have been known to scribble a few lines now and then about life in New York, growing up in Ireland or bands so here is something for your enjoyment or not :slight_smile:

Willie Nelson July 2023

There is the making of a very long meandering story here pertaining to the legend that is Willie Nelson from last Saturday’s Outlaw Festival but fortunately for everyone concerned I will leave it and forego ye the pain of having to read it :slight_smile:

That said, it would be remiss of me if I did not recount one undeniable truth about the after dark show. It is simply - WOW!!!

His voice, guitar work, presence, generosity, the esteem he is held in, and the love for us and him was off the charts.

Don’t forget he is 90. Turned so in April. Honestly, he could have been vocally, any age. 40 maybe less.

We were only 30 seconds in when I turned to Donal and said with great emphasis and delight, “My god, His voice is ducking amazing!”

My smile was joker-like for the entirety of the show. Ending my night, I ran like a school boy, past security, ending up 5 rows from the front for his last two (2) tunes of which one was “It’s Hard to Be Humble” (excellent).

To end his stage presence, he threw his hat, headband and pick to his right unfortunately. Standing to his left, I had no chance. I stared curious for a while to see if he would throw his infamous blue, white and red “trigger” guitar strap. He didn’t. Wise move. Both “trigger” and strap will end up with one of his sons or in a museum, for sure.

He loves that guitar of his for its distinctive sound. It’s the Willie Nelson sound. Even has a guitar doctor constantly maintaining it, as he knocks off chips of wood on his downward strumming, leaving gaping holes.

As he left the stage, he was now hat and band less. His ponytails reached below his belt line, where they swung freely trailing behind him. His black cowboy boots moved away purposefully and rode outside his jeans. Just as he reached the periphery of the stage, he turned to his adoring fans, pushed both his arms high into the night sky and thanked everyone with much grace and appreciation and then sadly, he was gone.

Couple of quick things I remember from a past Willie interview with NPR:

  • Smokes the wacky tobacco every day. Smoked with a US President but wouldn’t say who for obvious reasons.
  • He learned to play guitar to pick up women.
  • He was asked if he ever felt sorry for his four (4) wives.
    “No. They knew what they were getting into and I looked after them very well”, he replied.

By the way, the brilliant guitarist Micah Nelson was excellent in supporting his father.

The Woodstock festival museum taken in before the show was interesting to see but they could have done a better job with it.

Over and Out.


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