Wilson Benesch Precision P1.0

I’m still using Arcs after 20 years, sound fantastic!


@NewNaim16 was there an uplift in sound with the kinematic feet compared to without?

Yes, most definitely an uplift in my opinion. And that was on carpet too.

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Here are the new Precision P1.0 speakers delivered a couple of days ago.


I hope they sound as good as they look; enjoy!

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Thank you. We think they are an excellent purchase and are very pleased with our decision.


Have just ordered 5m of Chord EpicXL speaker cable, which for the P1.0 we slightly prefer to the original Kudos KS-1, albeit at a significantly higher cost.

Would be interested in your thoughts incase I decide to move on from naca5 :+1:

We changed from NAC A5 to Kudos KS-1 about 18 months ago when moving from an acoustically bright to a well damped room. There was nothing wrong with either of those excellent cables and all differences are subtle. However, compared with the KS-1, I’d say that the EpicXL is more refined at the higher frequencies and has a slightly fuller bass. Piano notes in particular sound exceptionally realistic. This comes at a cost though since EpicXL is, of course, significantly more expensive.

Memories of NAC A5 are too far in the past to give an objective opinion of the difference. However, we preferred KS-1 in our new acoustically damped room before changing to EpicXL.

Aesthetically, despite the apparent size, we personally consider the EpicXL more harmonious than the extreme black or white of either the NAC A5 or KS-1.

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