Wilson Benesch speakers - I am a big fan

A long time I go I had some B&W 602 S2 speakers but the rest of my system had improved so I was looking for some better speakers. I heard some 700 series but I was intrigued by the WB Square Ones which were a reasonably priced introduction to the brand but only the mid range/bass cone used carbon fibre. I got a demo and did a deal on a ex-demo pair which turned out to be new staright from factory!

About ten years ago a member of another forum (long since gone), had some WB Arcs that he was selling. These use carbon fibre for structure of speaker, had a lot more bass and I loved them. Everytime I upgraded I seemed to get more out of them. Lots of room improvements added even more bass.

This year we finish paying the mortgage and I am intending to work for a couple of years. In exchange for a holiday my wife agreed to a major speaker upgrade. I am now the proud owner of a pair of WB Vectors and so far I am really impressed. These have an extra cone for bass and use the Tectic II cones for both. They also use a WB developed tweeter.

I know the brand is not popular with Naim owners (nor Cyrus incidentally) but as you can tell I am a big fan.


I’ve only ever seen up close and heard one pair of Wilson Benesch speakers - I think they were Arcs and I remember their build quality was superb.
However, the sound of them didn’t suit my ears, finding them rather boring compared to the Royd, Naim and Linn speakers that I was used to.
The main thing is that YOU love them, which is all that matters.

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Yes i agree with you WB Vectors are amazing especially in the midrange. I had them on demo direct from WB followed by the more expensive WB Act One Evolution which were perhaps more balanced than the Vectors but i missed the midrange magic of the Vectors. Unfortunately they no longer make the Vectors.

They have since updated their range and drivers and prices have gone up considerably - as they have from most other manufacturers to be fair. Haven’t heard any of the new range. I would if anyone else has heard the new range ?

What always used to put me off them was that some WB speakers had what looked like back to front drivers, looking bally awful…

I see the more modern WB’s are rather more conventional.

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Having had their Arcs and now Vectors, am a fan of them also.
My brother recently traded in his Avalon pm1 speakers for some pre-owned Vectors and during the discussion with Luke at Singularity Audio (WB’s inhouse dealership ) it was mentioned that WB only made around £500 on each Vector pair towards the end of their production run. Hence why they nolonger make a small ‘carbon’ floorstander.


Nope. Approach is part of the design philosophy and remains current.