Win 10 Desktop Program?

Hello. I mainly use River Media Centre on a PC running Wndows 10 to operate my Innuos Media Server and Naim NDX.
But i thought i might try Naim’s own (Windows 10) program to see if i prefer it.
But i can’t find any program ?
Am i being thick or don’t they do one ?
Many thanks…

Naim app’s are for tablets & smart phones using iOS (Apple) or Android systems.

Thanks for the reply Mike.

So there is no Naim Desktop program then ?
So basically i just need to find any upnp prgram ?

Not sure what you mean by this, you need an iOS or Android tablet or phone with its relevant Naim app.
If you can find an app that works on Windows (& there are a few) you will be able to connect & play from your local server but you will not get any of the Naim provided web linked programs, with NDX these include, iRadio, Tidal & Spotify,

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