Winbags to level or adjust your system or speakers

I hope that I haven’t broken any forum rules here, but has anyone used Winbags or a similar product to level, or slightly move their system? Especially speakers. My Kudos 606’s are 35kg each. My Naim boxes are approx 55kg without the rack!
At 69, I’m getting to the point where I’m struggling to move/level them, especially with the spikes on.

Is there an easier way to slightly move/adjust their system? :thinking:

I use cone/spike puckies, that’s their name, for my 505s. They work great on hardwood. Very easy to move the speakers. I believe they, or something similar
would also work well under a spiked cabinet.

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Those look like Herbie’s Gliders

They are.

Use them on my kudos speakers (T88s) and makes moving these heavy speakers a breeze.
Great product if you have wood or tile floors

Thank you @SRO they look a great idea. I should have mentioned, we have carpet in our living/front room, and of course, the spikes really dig in!
It looks like your speaker stand spikes are levelled from the top, rather than underneath? Makes it a bit easier.

Winbags are great! I used them to move my Sopra 2 and Pass amp. They move 100lbs with ease. I used them to move my washer machine too. Lots of uses.

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So is the idea that you have one on the front, and one one the back, then slide it?

Well, mine are on carpet, so I was able to slide them around until in position. I have Gaia feet, so needed to lift up to get the carpet spike cups under the feet.

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Being a bit of a cheapskate I am often looking for alternatives to some of these small HiFi “upgrades” that can seem a lot of money for what they are. One such alternative I have tried and I thought successfully on my speakers and room was putting the speakers on top of Washing machine feet pads. These are synthetic rubber/silicon compliant discs most often that are supposed to absorb vibration. I have a suspended floor in my room and spikes through the carpet to the boards does not work that well. These pads can be bought on eBay and Amazon for £10 or so for a set of 4. So, there is not much investment to be made to try some.

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Sounds a great idea…funnily enough, I have just purchased two of them. They are on offer at the well known 'Fix place. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I will try them out on my Kudos Titan 606s.

Well I never, it was like lifting a feather!

I tried just the one under the front of my Titan 606. Three or four pumps had the front spikes off the carpet! I adjusted the spikes, then slowly let the air out to lower the speaker.
A no-brainer if you just want to lift something up to 50mm (2") and make an adjustment.

They work really well on carpeting as well with spiked heavy speakers.

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They are pretty amazing. You would think they would just explode.

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Absolutely :+1:

Mine are on thick carpet :+1:

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