Windows 10 Player to pick up my Melco library

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What’s a suitable player for a Windows 10 PC that can use UPNP to pick up my Melco library?



Does it have to be UPnP? Many apps can access music anywhere on your network, not just on a drive on the same device, as long as the Malco doesn’t block it.

I’ve used VLC in the past, on a Mac, but there’s a Windows version too.

Foobar 2000 is another one that will work. I’ve just checked it and it sees my Melco no problem

How do you point Foobar at the server, other than using a drive mapping?

No, I suppose not, but I wondered whether UPNP is ‘better’ in some way - more reliable, easier on the network etc.

VLC will work as a UPnP client, so that would be an option to try.

With Foobar it is just a case of picking an installing the add in that you want. I used Foobar as a renderer to my NDS prior to having my Melco. There is another add in called " UPnP/DLNA Renderer, Server, Control Point" which looks like it would do anything you wanted.
What are you trying to achieve? I’m not sure if there is any advantage in using UPnP to read from the Melco.

With regards to pointing it at the server you can set Foobar to include it in it’s library

Windows media player.

Built in. No need to install any third party software.

Will show all uPNP servers on local network.

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