Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) shut down

Hi there,

this my first contribution to this forum so let’s start with a quick introduction. But first, big thanks to the forum for all the tips and tricks I’ve come across while reading.

I’m from Germany and I’m owning a Unity Atom with passive speakers. Recently I’ve also bought a Mu-so Qb 2 for an adjacent room.
I am operating the devices either with the Focal-Naim App from a Lineage/Android smartphone or (which is so much more comfortable) from FooBar2000 via UPnP MediaRenderer Output on a Windows 11 PC.
The latter works pretty well (playing music from the NAS, listening to internet radios and playing vinyl records). Can’t see the covers on the Unity Atom screen or start a multiroom session with FooBar but the rest is fine. I just enjoy all the convenience FooBar offers when browsing, (multi-)selecting and playing music from a hard disk.

Back to topic … because of the ease of use of a laptop capable app (be it Mac or PC) I really hoped that Naim would provide such a thing. Of course I read the official Naim statement some years ago advertising the ‘great possibility’ of Windows 11 running the native Android Naim app. I also read about the tiresome procedures of acquiring an app and installing it. All very disencouraging to me which is why I never gave it a try.

So, to all those who have installed the Naim app with WSA the news that Microsoft will stop or discontinue this feature might be interesting.


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Welcome Berndl!

I can not contribute to the problem you describe since I have been using a iPad and iPhone to control streaming with the NAIM products. It has worked pretty much faultlessly from when I started using Naim streaming product in 2017.

NoxPlayer is a suitable alternative to the Wondows Subsystem for Android. It’s an Android emulator that works with the Naim App.

I have used this for some time to allow a few apps (the Naim app included) to run on Windows.

Nox is fine worked flawlessly for me with naim, but ultimately my phone is just there on the desk anyway so I tend to use that,

Thank you all. I will try the NoxPlayer. Good to know that it works with the Naim app. Saves time.


An alternative is to run Bubble UPnP server somewhere on your network then you can use the Linn Kazoo windows app. That does me apart from Internet radio (which I rarely use so not really an issue)

Hi Bernd and welcome to the forum. Since you have a NAS you can run (free) Bubble UPnP server on that, as mentioned above, and use it to render your Atom OpenHome Compatible. Once that is done, any app designed to run an OpenHome product can be used, including Linn Kazoo, which will run on Mac and, I think, Windows computers.

A simpler solution: recent Mac laptops which will be running on an M1 or M2 chip can then run the Naim app directly.

I’ve used both these with my Atom and both work smoothly, though the Naim app on a laptop looks a little out of place to my eyes.


When, for some reason the Naim App (either Android or iOS) is unavailable to me, I can access and control my Naim Star by simply browsing from my Windows laptop to this url: <naim_star_ip_address>/webclient/

I think this old web connection method is already deprecated by Naim, so unlike the iOS or Android app, I don’t expect development or bug fixes, but it seems to work fine for me.

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