Wired to wireless adapter for headphones

I really enjoy my Meze 99 Classics, however I’m normally tethered to the computer or my phone by an ifi dac/headphone thing.

It would be really nice not to be cabled up and because I really like the Meze was looking at bluetooth adapters rather than changing the phones themselves.

Do any members have experience of such adapters and any recommendations. There are plenty on Am & Eb but which are worth considering.

Are you using a source with a bluetooth output?

I use a Fiio BTR5 with my phone and occasionally a DAP for a ‘wireless’ connection of wired IEMs. The headphones plug into this, ie it is a bluetooth receiver and headphone amp. It is very small, cheap and at least with fairly undemanding IEMs works really well. There are fancier versions.

Is this what you are looking for?


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Yes laptop or phone.

I think that’s the sort of device.

Very simple and effective. They do others in the range not sure how much power needed to drive your headphones. You can plug it in as a usb DAC too


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