Wireless headphones with Naim

With the advent of higher quality/premium wireless headphones would others (ie not just me) appreciate Naim providing a connection facility for Aptx Adaptive and its lossless high resolution capability?

What do people think?

Anyone else want to be free of wires and still use all the facilities of the Naim focal app?

Also am I the only one that finds it it odd that the Focal Bathys wireless headphones are on the Naim app but don’t connect to Naim streamers?


Interesting, i am looking at the Bathys and increasingly find no good time to listen alone.

Wireless noise cancelling headphones would definitely be appreciated in our busy household. Both to keep household noise out and to avoid being told to turn it down as happens…

Me too - just bought Sennheiser Momentum 4s at the Bristol Show. They are excellent and so comfortable and convenient. They do come with a lead so I can use them with my Nova but would really appreciate a wireless connection. I believe you can plug a transmitter into the Nova and I am considering getting one. Aventree do one that has APTXHD and is less than £100 on Amazon.

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Hi pev999
Sounds like a solution.

As well as my Naim system I have an NAD M10 v2 which has aptx Adaptive built in for wireless headphones but I have long since boxed it up because the sound is always a bit too thin when compared to the nd5 xs2 and supernait 3 system and I really don’t want it out just for headphone listening.
Perhaps if / when Naim release a new classic standalone streamer or new classic nova they might feature wireless headphone ability. Here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:

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