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Just had a thought, my system is in the lounge and I listen to it at night but during the day when I work from home I listen to Qobuz via my computer, an HRT Microstreamer Dac and Sennheiser HD600’s. The sound is fine but…

If I had some wireless headphones on my Headline/HiCap DR would the compromise of sound quality loss due to the wireless (assume I will buy a GOOD pair) render the exercise futile? At most an upgrade in my office to a DACV1 with a powerline (I have one spare) would happen.

Thoughts please?

with the wireless headphone your are listening the headphone as a digital audio convertor…

if you want to go wireless go with a neat DAP like Astell Kern Sr15, SP1000M or an LDAC codec DAP like sony WM1Adepending on your budget…

I don’t know how you will go wireless with a head amp like Headline, with receivers or something but it kills all the headline sound…

keep the wires for SQ is what you are after, I use sony noice cancelling one when I fly, it sound OK but blocks the noise and I watch movies etc as well, it has a different mission

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Thanks for your reply, I was wondering just how much of the Naim sound I would lose this way, I guess too much! I will stick to the HRT Mircrostreamer then as its good enough for musical enjoyment while I work until a Dac V1 comes along at a sensible price.

Just run a small test if you can - use a wireless / blutooth headphones with and without a headphone cable - there is audible difference.

As to a Headline - it’s too good an amp for wireless headphones :)`

How can you go Wireless with a headline? İf you are refering to use the wire of the wireless headphone yes, otherwise no…

Check massdrop for fostex th00 for a good price closed back,or meze closed back, assuming you are after a closed back, or Focal Elegia or if you want the real deal MDR1zR or new Focal Stellia

My stellia will Arrive tomorrow and Sony soon hopefully…

I was thinking of those wireless heaphones from maybe 20 years ago where they plug into the headphone jack and a receiver that is powered from the mains! Not an audiophile solution but wondered if it could improve on what I had. Sounds like a no which is fine!

Thanks for the input. Selling the Headline/Slic/HiCap DR will easily buy me a DacV1 and probably pocket me some change!

It woud be worth you checking out the Radstone EarStudio ES100. Then you can use which ever headphones you like. It is very well regarded on Head-Fi.

seen here with Meze 99 classics


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