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Please can someone is there a way of listening to My uniticore collection though my headphones Thanks

Windows and Mac OS computers will be able to view and navigate the drive on your Uniti Core. The computer will also likely have a Bluetooth radio which your headphones can pair with and receive audio from.
You could also connect an analogue (RCA L/R) to Bluetooth transmitter to your amp and output the audio that way.
What’s the rest of your system consist of?

Hi My System is NDS a pair of 135s 500 power amp 252 and pro ac floor speakers Thanks for your help

Simplest solution would be a Bluetooth transmitter, you’d need to connect that to an analogue output on your NAC, as a record/monitor output to your NDS which would require a 5 PIN DIN to RCA or possibly 3.5mm Minijack with the correct pin outputs on the DIN end of the cable.
This would then transmit the audio output from your NAC over Bluetooth to your headphones. It won’t be the last word in quality despite the ability of the other parts of the system namely your NDS and NAC but it will get audio to your headphones over Bluetooth.
Another option here could be to use your mobile phone and pair your headphones with that and run suitable software on your phone that allows it to connect directly to your Uniti Core. Examples here for iOS would be 8Player or Glider, Android has similar UPnP aware player apps.
Ultimately a wired connection will give the better quality audio to the headphones.

I kicked this around a couple if years ago with limited success. I tried a number of transmitters, but could not get any to then pair with my cans.
Two choices, either get my phone to drive the cans ( not what I wanted) or just use a longer cable to my headphone amp. Which is what I did.

Maybe I was unlucky in my choice of Bluetooth TX kit.

Admittedly it’s one of those things that on the surface should be straightforwards enough but the simplicity and quality of the solution has the potential to be quite variable hence both our suggestions to look at wired options if at all possible.
The capability of the receiving headphones will play a part here as well in terms of Bluetooth version supported and if they are capable of supporting AptX as well for a better quality transmission over Bluetooth.
@Taw84641254 what headphones are you using and are you ok considering using a phone as a Bluetooth transmitter? You could also have a compromise solution where you used a phone to link wirelessly over Wi-Fi to your Uniti Core and then connect a small DAC/Headphone amp to your phone and wire the headphones to that, I’d expect that to be a better compromise and give a better playback experience vs a Bluetooth transmitter which will be a compromise at best if a little more neat.
Tricky one this…

I haven’t found a commercially available add on Bluetooth Transmitter that doesn’t cut out when the volume goes below a certain level. Useless for most music, especially classical. If you have found one, please tell me what it is.

Not approaching this topic from personal experience @Chris-T more a question of suggesting options based on the OP’s requirement. I did take a look on the Qualcomm AptX product page to see if there was a way of at least narrowing down on some suitable options. I’m not aware of the volume issue you describe but certainly something to bare in mind here. I think if this was me looking for a middle ground solution I’d use a phone with a small DAC/Amp like a Dragonfly and at least have some sense of movement and mobility even if it meant having the phone next to you or in a pocket, you’d still be untethered, not quite true wireless but likely to be far more rewarding and less hit and miss than trying to pinpoint a capable BT transmitter.
For what it’s worth I actually do something similar at home using a Chord Mojo/Poly which is a DAC with a Wi-Fi/BT enabled streamer connected directly to it, when I’m at home I use it mostly late at night and put it next to me with a wired connection to the headphones. The only niggle with that at night being the lights on it are like sitting next to a christmas tree but it does sound good and you can turn it upside down to minimise their effect!

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Hi All Thanks for all help so far the cheapest one is as suggested is The 8Player lite which is a free app picks up your system so far 2 hours no loss of volume There is the same @3.99 Called Pro not sure what that improves or involves

I don’t think it’s obvious but from memory the Lite version of 8Player limits the number of files you can actually access and playback within a directory, the Pro version removes the restrictions basically.
Using 8Player you should be able to discover and playback audio stored on your Uniti Core via your Phone.
It sounds like you are using the app on a phone/tablet and using your headphones wired to that device, you can do that directly and use the DAC in the device or add in a more capable DAC/Amp between your phone/tablet and headphones as discussed earlier in the thread.

Thanks so far I use my wireless headphones though 8 lite it seems ok at present and it works around house and into Garden

I’m not sure how the Naim unity core works but I use the free VLC app on my iPhone 11 to access the stored music on my WD NAS, then listen via Bluetooth on Sennheiser momentum 3 headphones.

Thanks for your advice the 8 player App which so far as proves reliable to play my Naim music though my headphone Are the headphones you use good at present my children brought me a budget pair for Father’s Day quite good but I may upgrade Thanks

Yes I like them, I tried the Sony WH-1000XM3 which were better at noise cancelling but too small for my ears, didn’t try the B&W PX7 as I think they are smaller than the Sonys. Comfort is as important to me as sound quality.
I also have a pair of Jabra elite 75t IEM which I‘m very pleased with, the Sony WF-1000XM3 IEM I tried were not a good fit for me and did not feel secure in my ears, also they are much bulkier in appearance.

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