Wireless speaker to pair with Uniti Atom for small room

Dear Naim Community,

I am looking for a set of relatively cheap (<1000 usd) speakers to pair with my Unity Atom for my study room (guess what… working from home). Can consider buying 2nd hand. Love vintage/wood design (or in other words, not a fan of LS50, Sonos design type) but that would be more the cherry on the cake rather than anything.

+Living room: Uniti Atom sits there, wired with some old Rega Jura speakers.

+Bedroom: abt 10m away from the living room (but likely to change as we will move out). Consider 15sqm. I am therefore looking for something wireless.

+What type of listener? Am not going to lie, am not an hifi expert but am keen in improving my ear. I mainly listen to streamed music…

I read couple of posts recommending the Neat Iota but unless wrong they are passive speakers.

Thanks a lot for the great help and wishing you all an happy 2022

Note: I still have on my (more expensive) todo list to replace the Jura so if you feel i should go for the whole kit instead of starting with the bedroom first let me know. Will however need to convince my wife a little bit more if i go for the bigger budget.

Hej hoh,

to understand / clarify your wanted setup:

  • You will keep the Atom and the connected (wired) speakers where they are. The Atom can only directly connect 1 pair of (passive) speakers.
  • You want to add new speakers to your study (/ bed)room, ideally wireless.
    • So those should be active, wireless speakers, i.e. not only speakers with an active amplifier, but also with network/streaming capabilities of their own.
  • They shall be “paired” with the Atom - what do you seek here?
    1. Do you want to play multi-room with the Atom? If yes, from which sources (PCs, UPnP servers, mobile devices, Roon, …)?
    2. Do you want to use the Atom as a source to play music on the new speakers?
    3. Or do you want to connect “active powered speakers” to the pre-out of the Atom as a 2nd set of speakers, but with wireless interconnect (instead of a longer cable in between)?
    4. Or should they just somehow “match” with the Atom being available in another room?

I personally don’t have a good overview about the type of speakers I think you seek, but it might be worth considering:

  • The Naim-multiroom (like nearly all such systems on the market) only works with other Naim streamers. So, when you want a seamless Naim experience, and looking at your price point, you could only consider the Muso / Qb.
  • If you have “any other” wireless, powered, networked speakers you could pair them by using the Atom UPnP server as a source (but not synch’ed multi-room this way); or by using a different source “sending” to both speakers via AirPlay, Chromecast, or Roon.

I think the simplest solution is a Naim muso, and use multiroom via the Naim app from your atom.


Hi Philipp,

Your understanding of my desire setup is correct - leaving aside the Jura replacement.

To answer your question “What i am trying to seek here?” : i wasn’t necessarily going after Multi Room (although it could be great) but more an active & wireless speaker that can receive signal from the Atom if i want or another device (phone) if i want to listen to different music in my study room than in my living room.

Got you on the recommendation of the Muso/QB, what is the alternate solution keeping in mind i will need to replace the 2 Jura speakers at some stage. I could consider a higher price point such as 3-4k USD.

Thanks again

It appears you are looking for some kind of send/receive wireless system, where the speakers are in another room. You would have to attach the “sender” to the preamp output of the atom.

And then one of these on the other end, plus active speakers.

A muso or Qb would do exactly that. You can play the same as on the Atom, or something different. The muso has Tidal and Qobuz built in so you can listen to those directly. It also has Bluetooth and airplay if you want to send stuff from your phone. It sounds great and can be controlled from the same app you use for the Atom.

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I think a Muso or QB could be a great option, except that is as this is an office space you might find that a stereo pair of speakers would be better. If you’re sitting at a desk you probably want a pair of speakers either side of a computer. A single Muso can’t do that, and also can be a little bit ‘in your face’ if used for nearfield listening, i.e. sitting on a desk very close to your ears, but quite a bit closer to one ear than the other.

Tend to agree - what speakers do you recommend for a bedroom size (i’ll try to get a bigger office when moving to the new place !)

Do you want to be able to sync the two systems, ie have them playing simultaneously so you can move between rooms whilst listening? If so you need multiroom and the only possibility within budget is the Muso (QB) at least for a new product.

I agree with Chris that a Muso may not be ideal for office use and wonder if perhaps a Unitiqute 2 and something like Neat Iotas might work for you without excessively breaking the bank. The UQ2s to some extent were the forerunners of the Atom and whilst they won’t have all the bells and whistles of the Atom, they’re a tried and tested combination with Iotas.


Plenty of cheaper non-Naim options if you were to use Airplay, Chromecast or Roon multiroom instead of Naim’s.

Which speakers wld you then recommend ChrisSU ?

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