Wiring a subwoofer to a HiCap

Hi there,

I’m a bit confused and looking for some advice. I would like to wire in my subwoofer to my CB HiCap. Understand that I can connect the RCA’s on the sub to one of the 4 pin outlets on the HiCap and needs to be using low capacitance cable.

The manual is a bit vague and not 100% certain on -ve and N/C? Can anyone help? Any more advice other than just buy one :wink:

The four connections are:
Ch1- easy enough
Ch2 - ditto
-ve - connect to both shield wires?
N/C - not connected?

Any socket labelled as suitable for connection to an amp (not preamp) is suitable for connection to a sub.

Unless the sub is very close to the hicap you should use a cable ‘slugged’ with a resistor to maintain stability. Naim used to sell a suitable cable, and possibly still do.

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Alternatively use a high level connection from the speakers if your sub has a suitable input. Naim traditionally recommended that this was a potentially better way to connect a sub.

Thanks Chris, but NAC A5 cable is fat enough running running across my room, don’t think I would want another run even if a different cable;-)

How practical the high level connection is depends, of course, on your room layout and the final location of the sub. (Always good to keep an open mind on this if you want it to integrate properly into your room.)
The good thing about it is that there is no benefit to using fat or expensive cable for the speaker to sub connection, so very thin cheap stuff that is easily routed is fine.

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Yes, could be a way to go but prefer to cable to the line out’s on the sub from the HiCap. Just really advice on which pins on the 4 pin naim din plug to wire to.

As far as the preamp is concerned, the (active) sub is just another power amp, so as I said above, any spare DIN socket labelled Amp is suitable. In the diagram you posted that means socket 1 or 2, whichever is spare, the other one presumably being already connected to your power amp.

The pins are as you suggested in your first post. Make sure the cable is slugged with a 100R resistor. I don’t know where the resistor goes, but that’s what you need.


Great, thank you @HungryHalibut, that’s cleared that up then. Both shield wires to -ve and ch1 and ch2 using the appropriate core wires.

Will see if I can work out where the resistor goes, but think that might be needed only on lengths over 2 metres. Can only think it’s solder between the pin and core wire - unless anyone else knows?

Probably best to send an email to Naim support for this advice re. the resistor.

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Good idea, will do that Richard :+1:

I once connected a single REL when I had that to the low level input using the output socket from a HiCap. I could never get it to sound right at all. It ended up a horrible idea, sound wise. I found a good way to use the high-level connection that sounded great and have never looked back. Now I have a pair of REL subs and just use high-level connections directly to the speaker terminals.

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Were you using a long lead that wasn’t slugged? I wouldn’t say my N-Sub sounded bad using low level, but high level sound a bit better.

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Was a 2m cable from Flashback. About 10 yrs ago. Never sounded right.

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Interesting, thanks for sharing. No idea why there would be such a different experience.

Will try both the HiCap output and speaker cabling route to my sub. Who knows, could be terrible or worthwhile, will keep an open mind. I suspect it’s going to tell me that I really need to do something better with room acoustics!!

For me the difference between high and low level connection was small, so I could have lived with either.
I would wait until you have made a final decision on the exact location of the sub first, as getting this right can make a huge difference to the sound. Not much point using a long slugged RCA lead if the sub ends up near your speakers where short, cheap lengths of speaker cable would work well.


Hi Stevo

Interested in what you’re looking to do here as I have a HCDR (powering SN2) and 2 subs currently connected by high level to each speaker. And I’m also confused.

The HiCap is a power supply so how exactly does it carry an audio signal to the sub(s) and what would be the benefit in this approach?

Probably a no-go here anyway as one sub is 5 metres from the Hi-Cap but still curious as to the what, why and how here.

Hi @Catcat,

On my HiCap socket 1 & 2 are outputs, which I don’t use as my NAC 72 is connected to socket 4. Learnt recently that you can connect either to a sub. Not sure if you can connect 2 subs using sockets 1 & 2 though. Maybe send a message to Naim support to ask.

Naim use to sell cables for this purpose, but no longer. Here a link to some fairly inexpensive cables Naim Audiophile 4 Pin Din to Dual RCA Lead. Pre or Power Amp. Mogami 2965 Cable..

All the best

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Btw, doesn’t the SN2 have a subwoofer output?may be your best option is so.

Not an option for me with my NAÇ72/HiCap/NAP160 combo

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Taking the output from the Supernait sub outputs with two single RCA cables would work. 5 metres should be OK. I wouldn’t bother if you have a high level connection already set up, though.

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