Wiring ethernet Cables B or A wiring?

Hi I am making up some ethernet cables - audio wise is there any difference in type B or Type A wiring… which is the industry standard say used by Blue Jeans…

Aghh it seems to be Type B as this is straight through…Type A is a cross over…used for linking PC’s together…

You can use type A or B. B is the most common IIRC. Just make sure each end is the same.

Just use Cat5e or Cat6 cable wired as per https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Technical/Networking/Networking.ht

Most modern ethernet (and all gigabit ethernet) gear handles this automatically, so it shouldn’t matter.

Please don’t be fooled by “expensive” ethernet cables. If they made a difference you can be sure that Linn/Naim would make them.

Standard Cat5e or Cat6 is all you need.


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