Wish list from reviewers

As prices continue to soar and the ability to see a brand much less several pieces from the same brand. I do wish reviewers would start reviewing not just one but several levels from the same company. A comparison of the ne plus ultra and what the average person can actually use would be of more value and give some idea of the differences and make it more likely to track down a particular brand. I understand the manufacturers may not be pleased as the lower level may actually perform as well or be far better value. I’d love to see a comparison of the larger yg speakers compared to the peak line or stenheim 5 vs. the 2.5.

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Would require a manufacturer to release a phenomenal amount of kit for review, which seems unlikely in the extreme.

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Rather than reviewing a range from a single manufacturer, I’ve always thought the best reviews were those comparing models at similar price levels from several manufacturers. That can assist greatly in deciding which brand(s) to seek out and try, while in general within a brand I’d expect a house sound, with then the specs alone to give a good indication of differences, from which identify possible contenders. That certainly I have found with speakers, with never yet finding otherwise, with a distinct progression going up a range.


That’s good if they review something at the level you are looking for but as it’s become harder to see and hear quite a few brands, it would be nice to have some idea of qualities that show up for a particular brand rather than just at one level. Also helps in that fewer stores have an entire line on display. It would be nice to have some idea if the qualities in a reviewed piece seem to show in other pieces in the line or if you must find the exact model, as there are too many differences from one model to the next

Of course it is only really meaningful where they review what would be actual possible contenders, meaning different levels for different people, and it is only really useful where they cover a good range of different brands. Ideally what is needed is comparative reviews across both multiple manufacturers and multiple levels - however I think such a review would be very complex and challenging to do.

In this increasingly polarised world it’s a shame that either approach has to be the “favoured” one isn’t it?

One might read reviews for multiple reasons. Understanding a manufacturer’s design process, and what they choose to optimise as their designs become more and less costly, is fascinating to me, and I think a likely focus of such “vertical” reviews. I’d happily read a review of either type though, they both have value, and would like to see a few more of the “vertical” review type the OP suggests!