Wishbone Ash - Argus (50th Anniversary Boxset)

Here’s another one folks.
One of my all time favourite albums, in a Deluxe 50th Anniversary Boxset release.
Preorder is now open.


‘Argus’ is one of my very favourites - those fantastic duelling lead guitars. When is the new set due to be released?

14th April Graham

Saw them at Gipsy Hill College 50 years ago. They must have just started! They were excellent.

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“Get thee behind me!” as some fella once said, when being tempted………ROFL

Lots of 50th anniversaries around now. Coz the music back then was so fcukin’ good!


Another for collectors! I love the album, and it gets played probably several times a year most years, but I’m not a collector…

Great album.

I have it on vinyl and cd, I won’t be buying another copy. What’s the point.


Thank you for that, QS.

I love the album and it gets a regular spin but 2xCDs and 4x7” singles would never get played, so at $250CDN count me out

I imagine that, if you wait until the hoo-ha has died down, the record company will issue ‘Argus’ on LP and CD without the trimmings. They would be mad not to.

I hope so, anyway, as I’ll be at their head of the queue of those wanting to buy a copy on LP. One of my favourite guitar-driven albums of all time…

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