Witch dynaudio for Naim xs

Hi all I have a Naim xs2 with non-Naim PSU with dynaudio focus 140. I really like the sound only that I would like more three-dimensionality and depth
the speakers are well placed about 40 cm from the wall.
I got married a little bigger room. I like the sound of the naim/dynaudio combo. I was thinking of getting a used dynaudio focus 260.
the naim xs will be able

The older Dynaudio in particular have the reputation that they like quite a bit of power. So I very much doubt that you will get what you hope for when you go up to the 260 with your XS amplification

I imagined the answer because I think like you. alternatively i got to hear the proAc d18’s from a dealer and really liked them but not with my amp. reading on the net I read that the proAc d18 sound divine with the naim xs or the Totem Sky Tower?

You don’t need better Dyns so much as you need better amplification first. Those Focus 140s will sing with a 250, for example. Upgrading your Dyns to bigger ones that are even more current-hungry might just have the opposite effect from what you intend to achieve.

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