Witch Hat N2 help

Hope I can explain this properly… The cables terminate at amp end with Naim plugs…loudspeaker ends terminate with banana plugs. If the “pos” lug on each of the Naim plugs indicate that each “pos” should be connected to the "pos:(red) terminal at amp end I cannot do it without turning one of the Naim plugs upside down, as I seem to have two “left” plugs rather than a left and right! To add to the problem both the “+” and “-” strands are black(not red and black), and are braided with no markings…how on earth do I make sure the connection I have is right?
Hope that makes some kind of sense)

It might be better to post a pic-of the cable and terminations for getting the best help?

There are no right or left Naim plugs, they are ‘ambidextrous’.
Disassemple the “wrong” plug, remove the pins, turn the base plate the other way round & refit the pins.

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Just also check with a metre or trace it year the red goes to red etc at both ends

Yes, as the cable has two conductors and is flat, it should be possible to run your fingers along it to ensure red is connected to red at both ends. There has to be a way, otherwise Witch Hat wouldn’t be able to terminate them. Maybe there is a marking that isn’t immediately obvious.

If you have test meter do a continuity test end to end of each plug

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