Wonky active vs passive (again)

Having searched I can see this topic has been addressed a number of times over the years but a point that was raised a couple of years ago doesn’t seem to have been commented on and I would be very grateful for thoughts on it. I appreciate I should probably experiment myself and may yet do so but the thought of all the disconnecting and reconnecting involved is somewhat daunting given the state of my back these days.

Enough introduction!

For a while I have been running active 250DRs into SL2’s with a 252. I have taken the leap and just bought a 300DR. Another one may follow at some point but not for a while. In the meantime I propose to put the 300 on the tweeters and leave a 250 on the mid/bass in accordance with general wisdom. however I read years ago an article in HiFi Critic of the view that with SL2’s a passive 300 beats active 250s.my question is whether until I can stretch to a second 300 it would be better to ditch active altogether and just let the 300 drive all the speakers passively on the grounds that a 300 is much better than a 250. Or is 300/250 active better than passive 300?

Thoughts and experiences gratefully received

Try it and see as its not much to do it.
But i would be surprised if its better as the big weakness is being put back in as in the crossovers

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From my experience I would simplify the system by running 300DR passive and put your other gear towards a preloved 552DR. Make sure to dress the passive Xovers well, ie not attached to the lower box hanging passively and not interfering with the tweeter assembly either. ATB Peter

With a quick look at your system I would include a switch from HiCap to Supercap on the SNAXO in your list of options. In my system (which is pretty similar) it was the PS upgrade that made the biggest difference on any component. I’d do that before another 300. Easy to demo at home anyway. An SL ‘active’ cable was also a real benefit, and great value compared to new boxes. Bigger difference than an SL interconnect from the source for me.

I’ve never heard my system with a 300 but have run it passive with a 250 whilst one was being repaired. Active wasn’t just better it had something completely ‘extra’. My feeling anyway.


Thank you for the responses. Food for thought.

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From your description of the two options it seems you are welded to the Naim sound so to find the answer you should audition the two options. A left field suggestion try if you can audition ATC active system (to the value you can afford) with a good Naim preamp, you may be surprised (or not)…

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Is this an SL 4 pin to 4pin for connecting (presumably) the power supplies for the pre amp and snaxo?

Exactly that.

Really opened up the sound when I did it.


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