Wooden Record & CD Dividers

Just seen these for sale on a FB page at £35 plus a fiver postage. Look great and fabulous value, when others are in the hundreds.
Link to the Seller, Gavin Randall https://www.facebook.com/stereoliving


Further photo of how they size against a 12” LP.

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BTW I had previously looked at these https://koeppeldesign.com/collections/vinyl-organization-products

But… that’s 13 less records on the shelves!!!
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Nice. Is there a cd version?

would be better the same width as the LP + the protruding tab?

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I’d be worried that these dividers may cause warping. Records are best stored upright and flat against each other for full support. The safest dividers IMHO are those used in record stores ie the full size of the record with a protruding tab for labelling.


Why not these Truephonic dividers from Amazon ?


I agree. Any dividers should be full size so that LPs stand up straight and evenly. If I wanted to use anything I’d be inclined to just look for the thin white plastic ones record stores use. The wooden ones do look nice though.

I’ve never felt a need for them anyway, and I have some 4000 LPs on shelves, divided into classical, jazz, and popular sections.

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I just bought that

Kaiu from Amazon. After having cleaned some Lps, they will dry on that.
And I will use it also to select the Lps I want to listen to.
30 euros.

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Like it, I have something similar from Eist Audio - have one for “LP’s In rotation” next to the HiFi , and one for CDs & 7” 45’s.

I have then have a “Now Playing” stand for Vinyl on display.

I’m not sure I understand how that will work as a drying rack for cleaned records. I use a $12 bamboo dish drying rack for that purpose. I don’t see how yours will keep them separated.

I prefer Suck UK’s record dividers. More fun and like the large alphabet. Also flip it you can organise by a genre.

If I need anything other than alphabets, I just make my own.

There are separation as you see on the pic. I wash only 2 or 3 records per session. So not a problem.

Also what’s this having to let records dry? When I clean a record with my Kieth Monks CR502 cleaner, they come off completely dry.

What is cool, is watching the arm move out from the label, vacuuming up the cleaning liquid leaving the dry surface.

And my basic but effective Project cleaning machine does the drying too. I’d worry about damaging records in one of those “dish racks”. Not to mention them getting dusty again. Mine are cleaned and then straight into a fresh Nagaoka sleeve.

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My Audio Desk also blows my records dry, but I leave them out for a few minutes before sleeving them, just in case they retain any moisture. It’s a small thing to take that precaution.


I wash records with my hands, isopropyl 70% and 30 % water, and special clothes to wash.
They dry in 5 minutes.
I am doing that since 30 years and my records are all in pristine condition. No cracks at all. I buy only NM or Mint .
As I listen maybe 2 hours a week from my turntable, I don’t need a special expensive machine.

The bamboo dish rack I use is essentially no risk. I’m more worried about sleeving a record with residual moisure giving mold a chance to start.

I have seen records with mold. It’s an ugly thing.

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No “also” on this one - the KM machine mentioned in the previous post vacuums it dry, the Audio Desk blows them dry. It is that machine’s Achilles’ heel, IMO.