Wooden wall mounted media cabinet

I am reading a lot of posts about vibrations and isolation for under our hifi equipment custom racks and of course the NaimFraim.
But wouldn’t the simple solution be to just use a wall mounted floating media cabinet to take away most vibrations that go through the floor to our equipment. Of course the equipment isn’t isolated from each other from magnetic and electrical influences this way but how much influence do these things have compared to vibrations?
In short, does a floating media cabinet make our equipment sound better than the same material cabinet which stands on the floor?

Well there’s going to be energy transferred by the wall too so you’d still need to engineer in some additional isolation, much like turntable wall shelves.

The biggest issue is going to be practicality.

  • A wall shelf to hold 10Kg of turntable is on thing. A wall shelf built to not sag and suport 100Kg of electron8cs is another.
  • It’s a very permanent solution. Very few would be willing to commit to that.
  • Cabling round the back is likely to be really bloody difficult. Since many cable’s need to hang free, it woukd need to be deep and have shelves that give 15cm or so behind them.

So I guess the answer is that you’re right but it presents other challenges that outweigh the benefits.

By the looks of the system pics thread, some members have done it though. But home grown solutions so unlikely to be as effective as a R&Ded rack.


I think it will depend on the installation. A stud wall will bounce all over the place compared to a solid stone or brick wall. Airborne vibrations will, of course, reach the boxes just the same regardless of what they sit on.

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Good point with the air vibrations.
It’s a very solid 30cm concrete wall.

Would it also make sense to put a base Fraim inside a wall mounted cabinet? I really don’t like the idea of putting a hifi rack in the living room as I hate how they look.

This is roughly how my media cabinet looks. But with 3 instead of 4 cabinets.

I’m sure it would be possible, but you would need some substantial fixings. Naim boxes are not light, and the cabinet would be nearly half a metre deep to accommodate it. I wonder if it would be worth looking at some isolation supports rather than a full blown Fraim if it’s going onto a concealed shelf.

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Is this a reflection of either a Pythian or an Athenian influence?

(“Look to your wooden walls.”)

Any recommendations on isolation supports?
I read many posts that i.e. the isoacoustics supports don’t do anything for amps/sources and I see lots for sale second hand. I don’t think that’s not a good sign.

You realise that anything you implement on the wall for a stack of hifi boxes will not be any more inconspicuous than a rack. About the only difference will be, one will have feet touching the ground, the other won’t.

If the aesthetics are that important, it might be best getting a Nova or similar one-box solution, and no rack of any kind.

You’re still gonna end up with speakers, either wall mounted with wires or standing on the floor. Unless you also opted for something like PMC in wall speakers.

Not mounted on a wall but pretty close


Like the idea of a speaker width “board” instead of the thin strip you normally see to hide cabling. Somehow despite being larger blends in more.

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Thank you, I procrastinated for about 3 months trying to figure out how to hide the cables. Overall it works very well and is much better than the trunking I had before.

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