Words or phrases that are like nails down a chalk/blackboard

Using self depreciating instead of self deprecating :wink:
I’ll assume it was autocorrected :joy:

All comments are valid, whether mild or really irritating.
Anyway, does it matter?

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I’m not so sure - certainly, a lot of my humour seems to depreciate quite rapidly.


I’ve mentioned these before, but will repeat because they get right up my shonker!

Right-hand side (or left). Why “hand”?
In an hour’s time (or seconds or minutes etc). What’s wrong with “in an hour”, FFS?

“Travelling at a high rate of speed.”

By definition, speed is a rate, so any of the following would suffice:

“Travelling at high speed”
“Travelling fast”
“Really effing legging it”



“Terrible news, my uncle just passed.”

“But you haven’t seen each other in months, did he not stop to say hello?”


Football commentary is a wondrous source of language-mangling.

“They’re shipping goals” Shipping? when did this abomination begin, and why?
“Leeds are asking questions of City.” No, they’re trying to score, you numpty.

Related: The inability of commentators to pronounce Spanish names, where the stress is usually on the penultimate syllable. It’s not Roberto MARTINez; it’s MarTEEnez. Likewise, it’s Raul JimENez.

Serious/critical listening.

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But these are different things surely… critical listening is used more in a professional context and is the process of evaluating and processing the language of what is said to form an opinion or evaluation of what is heard. Journalists and counsellors often do it.

Serious listening is more an evaluation of audio as opposed to language… but I have not heard of used in a professional context…

The word I detest at the moment is ‘reimagine’ to try and add some ‘creative’ credibility to an alternative view or business model. Often see it in adverts… big turn off to me for any company using that term… it says to me that they lack imagination.

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I meant in the context of listening to music.Both phrases are used often.
I am aware of critical listening in other contexts as you describe, eg spoken word.
Blue Note: Re Imagined. Yes, see your point!

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Agh yes… when it comes to audiophilia there are lots of words and terms used that grate with me…

I do wonder why it affects me so… perhaps because it appears to show a lazy tendency for labels and cliches, almost like a ritualistic chant, rather than true expressive language

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My bad.

XXX then turned around and said "…

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In the coming days

which means “I haven’t a clue when, but don’t hold your breath.”

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