Worst album cover art

Just browsing through my Library with Roon, which includes non-purchased Qobuz favourites (I use this to bookmark albums to try), I came across a few examples of a cover that really puts me off listening to the LP on streaming let alone purchasing it:


(Everyday is Christmas - Sia)

Even thinking ‘it’s Björk so bound to be bonkers’ doesn’t really make me want to play this:


The majority of album covers are simple and descriptive or add something memorable to the experience, but a few stand out as ones I just don’t like.

Not expecting any agreement, but there must be albums people enjoy (or don’t) but dislike the cover art?

So many, Señor Cat. I love this album, but the cover!!!



I’ll second that Bjork cover, it’s quite horrid.

Most recent album by Dead Can Dance has this:

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Agreed - really don’t like that Dead Can Dance cover.




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