Worth doing anything with a Tabriz?

Hi all

I have an old Roksan Tabriz/Goldring 1042 from aeons ago, which I had rewired with Audio Note silver wire.

I’m wondering if it’s worth doing anything with, now I’m looking at a new turntable next year. It should partner well with a Roksan TT but not sure about anything else.

Not sure what it compares to nowadays and if I should just make a clock or other project with it!

Regards and thanks.

It was a great tonearm and assuming not maltreated should be fine. What TT are you thinking of buying? It would work well on a Roksan Radius. As for others, the Nima works well on a LP12, I’ve seen a Tabriz on a Michell Gyro which worked well.

Good luck.


Thanks Lindsay

To be honest I’m in a quandary over what to do when there are so many lovely options out there.

Great to hear it works with a Gyro as it’s up there on the wish list.

But I recently listened to a Rega p8 with Apheta and that was stunning. Not as good looking as the Gyro but sounded superb.

Trouble is there are a lot of great turntables with arms included so have to weigh up the ‘package’ vs self build.

Can you tell I’m indecisive :joy:. I’m not with many things but a TT is quite a personal thing.

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Definitely worth keeping. I had one on my Little Pink Thing where the Tabriz tended to be offered as an alternative to a Rega arm. No reason why your Tabriz shouldn’t perform well on any deck that will take a Rega imo.

I found the ‘-zi’ counterweight to be a good improvement too.

Now that’s a name I’ve not heard for a while! Another sad loss to the industry but reading up, the successor seems to be the Funk Firm, who I’ve never heard of.

Thanks for the info though. It’s looking like I may end up buying a TT without arm and doing it separately.

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Another great thing about the Tabriz is that it has a height adjuster and is a parallel sided armtube, so setting VTA is easy.

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Nothing wrong with a Tabriz. If you can get along with their look, a Vertere turntable should be fine. Vertere is the current company of Roksans founder.

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