Worth upgrading RCA cables from WiiM Pro Plus into Nait 5 amp?

Hi all

I recently got a Nait 5i amp, which I love. I’m now considering if it’s worth upgrading my RCA cables from WiiM Pro Plus into Nait 5 amp?

The stock cables that came in the WiiM box seem fine enough, but a few folk have recommended upgrading to Chord C-line RCAs or to Chord Cobra RCA to DIN.

All opinions, thoughts and tips massively appreciated.

Thank you :pray:

Using RCA to Din plugs into the amp is an improvement over using RCA to RCA.

Either use the standard Naim Lavender cable or Chord cable, which do seem to work well with Naim kit.


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I find DNM cables work exceedingly well with Naim, especially if using NACA5 speaker cable where there appears a good synergy. DNM cables are naturally DIN, but you can order DIN to phono.
However if you prefer or need a bit of sparkle or highlighting from your interconnects, then Chord or HiLine might be better