Would a Nap200 be able to handle a Nac252

Currently upgrading and have my eyes on a 252 with a supercap but my NAP200 is lower rung than a 300dr which would be the obvious fit.
Does anyone have a view on whether I’m better off upgrading the 200 to a 300dr first then look at the 252 and super cap - or whether the 252 and sc would work well with the 200 Allowing me to upgrade to the 300 when funds allow? Other components include NDX and Cdx2 with psu on the NDX

If you like what the 252 does, then your approach is sensible. The 200 won’t be outclassed and will give you time to build up the funds to get the 300. You may want to look at sources before going for the 300 as you’re building up to an amplifier setup that really needs more than the NDX / CDX2 to shine.

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I’d definetly do the pre-amp first. I’ve heard a NAP155 fed from a 252 and it was very good so the NAP200 should be even better.

You might find the best move next would be to upgrade the source. I’d be tempted to sell the CDX2 and NDX and slot an NDS in. It wouldn’t cost very much and you would have one less box which would give space for the NAP300 when it eventually arrives!

I agree with @trickydickie apart from sell the CDX2… it is a fine CD player very much with its own character… you will find a 252 matches the CDX2 wonderfully well, in fact possibly better than a 552 in that particular regard. I still have and use my first gen CDX2
By all means replace your NDX with a current streamer (they are massively improved over the legacy products) or even a NDS… which will still give a significant performance boost to the NDX.
However the enjoyment of a system often relies on multiple sources with different characters… and a CDX2 can do wonderful things with some discs using its in built DSP and 1704K based DAC. … it’s why we have those inputs on our NACs.

To specifically answer your question, your 252 will be fine with the 200. and will be positioned to get what it can from the 200

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You won’t save a box doing that, as the NDS has to have a separate power supply whereas the NDX/CDX don’t have to have one (but can) - assuming the NDX/CDX don’t have a power supply each…

The OP already has a PS on the NDX

Too early to read properly :grimacing: sorry!

Thank you so much for your guidance - I’ve read several other posts you have all responded to and appreciate your knowledge of the subtleties with Naim upgrades. Based on the feedback I’m going to stick with the 200 and investigate the upgrade of the source once I have the 252. The outgoing NDS may offer a superlative step which sounds like a better expense than the 300dr with the supercap.
I appreciate your input thanks again it’s settled my mind.

Yes, the 252 would be perfectly fine with the 200 and upgrading the preamp first is the right way to proceed. I’d certainly try the 252 against the 282 as they sound quite different. Both 282 and 252 work well with the 300.

DF@Rannochlad I had a 252/SC/200 with a then CDX2XPS and worked well together, I then sold system due to heath reasons and went Uniti with 200

I have always loved the 200 and a choice wether you prefer the sound significant of 200 over the 250.2

Now back to where I am today I have matched the 200 with 202 and 282, then moved to 300 non DR and then DR the 300

I am now at the end with 252/SC/300DR

So as others have said 252 will certainly work well with 200 but as your journey continues 300DR is perfect

As ever demo and enjoy the journey

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Thank you Antz all makes sense to me - the guidance from the forum indicates that the priority steps with an upgrade would be to look at the pre amp first then the source then the amp which is where I am now going to head. The inevitable challenge with Naim upgrades is the power supply costs when the components are separated so the 30dr with the power supply becomes a big statement (read huge cost increase) when it’s vs the 200. Given the diminishing returns argument the question in my mind has been where the best improvement would occur at the best cost. The 555 series is out of my reach and having listened to one I couldn’t appreciate the cost difference over the 252 and say an NDS…my summary is I would max out at that but the steps today are 252 and super cap then swap the NDX for an NDS and be happy for life😀

The high cost (and box count) of upgrading both source and preamp is something that people occasionally fail to address when eying up an already expensive power amp like the 300, and end up dissatisfied with an unbalanced system.
If the 300 (which is going to be part of an expensive system of at least 6 boxes) is a step too far, I wouldn’t rule out a 250DR. Sure, the 300 is subjectively much better, but then the 250 is subjectively much better than your 200.

Interestingly, the 272/PS555DR works extraordinarily well with the 300DR and is entirely balanced. Of course, the 272/555 still costs £10,000, which is a lot of money, but it’s good value for what it does and you end up with a four box setup. Maybe it’s another option.

Some good advice from @anon4489532. True some prefer the 282 over the 252 and whilst I have and love the former I’d welcome the latter but have decided to not upgrade any further. But @JonR used to run a 252 with a 200 - excellent combination.



This is true, Lindsay, back in distant pre-DR days I had 252/200 in my system for a number of years. Tried a 250.2 at one point but couldn’t live with to my ears seemed like a forced, in-your-face presentation. I much preferred the 200. Ended up jumping up to a 300 before making the decision to downsize not long after.

Rannochlad, I think you will be fine with a NAC252. Please let us know how it turns out when you splash the cash.

Interesting, if I swapped out the 202 (with 200) was always tempted to go 252 over 282 which seems to be vindicated from previous comments. Did neither though and put a XPS DR on DAC (with CD5XS) which seems good bang for buck, gut feeling better than 252 on 200 but stand to be corrected

What you did made sense to me Calum.

Calum your approach has good logic and no doubt works with the ears. I suspect the issue is when you get it ‘right’ vs ‘this works really well’ - it’s really hard to let go of what you’ve heard and know is available. Inevitably this means the best way is using the more expensive set ups that deliver the goods but the journey is riddled with compromises based on finances. Curse those engineers for not letting us have the very best for very little? Thanks for your feedback. Rannochlad.

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