Would Supernait (or 2) be an upgrade over 122x/150x?

I currently have a hicap with the pre/power combo in the title. Would a supernait or supernait 2 be an upgrade? I would obviously keep the hicap.

It would be nice to lose a box and then add a Naim streamer down the line.


Is it the hicap dr or sans dr?

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Not sure about the SN1 but I would think a SN2 definitely. Whilst recognising that you’d like to lose a box a 282/150 would be better though.




Given that there are debates as to whether a 202/200 or Supernait is better then it would seem logical that a Supernait would be an upgrade.

The only thing I would say is that there can be some very successful systems with a greater pre-amp combined with a lesser power amp. For example changing the 122x to say a 282 would be an interesting combination. I’ve heard a 252/SuperCap paired with a NAAP 155XS sounding very fine indeed.


Simple answer = YES
The 122 is a very basic pre-amp, the Supernait(1) is an active line-level pre-amp & is about as advanced as any integrated pre-amp section anywhere.
Into 8 ohms the 155 has 60 watts, the Supernait has 80 watts

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Standard HC2

I’ve not done the exact comparison in your thread title, but I have compared SN1 with 200/202 with appropriate power supplies and to my ears they were at a similar level. So I would expect a significant improvement over your 122/150. If you’re really committed to reducing box count, a SN2 looks the way to go. If not, you might want to audition used 200/202/NAPSC as well.



Try it with the SN2 first before you buy. You may find that it negates the effect of the DR tech built into the SN2 that feeds the preamp. This is certainly what a leading UK Naim dealer reported when the SN2 was introduced.

The HCDR was a different story.

It remains entirely possible that you may prefer SN2 and HC2 over all other options.

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That’s a dangerous assumption. Not everybody prefers their Supernait with a Hicap. Likewise, there’s no guarantee that you’ll prefer a Supernait to a 122/150 in your system.
I know what I would do in your system, but after listening, you may not agree. A proper demo is the only way.

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Demo extremely unlikely so I’ll be going on gut, research and the friendly advice from the kind folk on here.

Out of interest, what would you do? Thanks.

If moving from separates to an integrated amp to reduce box count to make room for a streamer is the driving force, I think testimony here from others who have consolidated this way indicates any of the SuperNaits is a safe move.



I’d choose SN2 anyday over 122/150x which is more XS alike.
Depends a bit on loudspeakers in use of course but the SN2 is one hell of a good amp, discussing specs 60w vs 80w makes little sense.

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…from my experience I would recommend a streamer with a SuperNait.

A few years ago the plan was to put together a small system that I could enjoy in my retirement years. I started with a ND5 XS > XS 2, then ND5 XS > SN2, then NDX > SN2, then NDX 2 > SN 2, then 6 months later added a XPS DR, then 5 months later added a HiCap DR.

The last two pieces I added were the ProAc D30RS speakers and a pre-loved Hi-line interconnect.

My original intent was to stay with a two box system and that plan held for a little over 2 years. The system is now:

NAS > XPS DR > NDX 2 > Hi-Line > HiCap DR > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS — XPS DR, NDX 2, HiCap DR & SN 2 on the Quadraspire Q4EVO Bamboo 4 Shelf Rack.

The sound for me is simply outstanding!

Between starting to work from home this past March and retiring on November 1st I get to listen quite a bit and love the system. Perhaps there is better or worse, all I know is I am quite pleased with the configuration.

I was fortunate to have a dealer close by and who worked with me allowing to demo equipment in the shop and at home. The system I built was planned and consideration was budget and the fact that I was retiring. Currently living in a house but over time that may be downsized to a smaller house or condo. I wanted the system to work in my living environment for years to come.

I think you will find a lot of folks on the forum who have a similar system to mine. You may want to read through the NDX & SUPERNAIT Thread or do a search on SUPERNAIT and there are plenty of threads with information and ID members who have a similar system configuration.

Best of luck with your search and decision.


I’d get rid of all your current black boxes with a mind to aim at a SN2 + ND5 XS2. You can add a HiCap DR down the road as funds allow to polish it off.


Congratulations @seakayaker! I wish you many happy and healthy years ahead!!

Regards alan


Interesting thoughts so far. Hadn’t considered a 282, which may be beyond what I’m willing to spend. What about a 272? What are the limitations of the streaming side of it? I listen to Tidal and Spotify.

I went from an 122/150/flatcap 2x to a supernait 1.
That was a big improvement, afther that i bought a hicap DR. That was also a big upgrade.
Now i have a 272/300 what is also a big upgrade.

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