Would there be any benefit to running 2 x 180's?

I currently run a cdx, 82, hicap,180 into Kef 105/3 with naim nac5 cable.

I have been offered another 180 for good money but i assume i cannot wire it in without an active crossover? Would there be any benefit to me doing that at all if its possible?


Naim active systems require a crossover plus a P/S and that crossover has to be configured to the speakers.

So, basically, no. Passive bi-amping is I suppose possible
but something that gets mixed reviews on here, a search would give you lots to read.

I’d sell your 180 and buy a good s/h 250 if that was my kit. Or a P/S for the CDX if your are committed to CD as your source.



I very much agree with Bruce W’s advice about the power amp.

TomTom Audio in St Albans have a few S/H NAP250DRs in stock. Have a word with James Allney there, he’s very helpful.

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I believe the 105/3 has two pairs of terminals. That means you can connect two 180s in a passive biamp configuration. Just connect both 180s to your Hicap and then run two sets of speaker leads, having removed the connectors between the two pairs of terminals on the speakers.

That said, you’d very likely be better swapping the 180 for a 250; one big one is generally better than two little ones.

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Naim used to be very much against their (Olive) amps being used in a bi-amping mode, as they were big supporters of active operation.

I don’t know if anything has changed.

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+1. Simples… :crazy_face:

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Didn’t the 105/3 have an external “Cube” equalizer? That might complicate a dual amp setup. I tend to agree, get a serviced 250.

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People do passively biamp biwirable speakers, and some claim benefits. Personally I’m dubious as to benefit, and certainly wouldn’t advocate spending money buying an amp to do that, but if you have one available for no cost there is nothing to lose trying it.

For active the first question is whether you can remove the speaker’s existing crossover, whether from the back, or perhaps through a driver aperture…

My 105 did not come with the cube.

Many people don’t rate it anyway.

Looks like i should just go for more power then!

thanks for the help and apologies for the delay it all went into junk to start with all sorted now.

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