Would XP5 XS make any difference on NDX

Hello all, I owna 5 year old NDX streamer and I use it with Supernait2 (with HiCap). My friend has offered the XP5 XS power supply (10 year old device) to me to run with NDX. Would you suggest this upgrade, will it make any difference on the sound quality?
Thanks in advance,

As it’s a friend can you try it, much better than asking other people for their views?

Just bear in mind that at 10 years old it’s due for a service.


Yes I agree, but the reason I ask this is to learn your opinions about a 10 year old device. I will take it to a service first as you suggest.

I wouldn’t bother with the XP5. It was designed to go with the entry level streamer, the ND5XS2. You are better adding an XPSDR, or swapping the NDX for an NDX2.

It wasn’t and wouldn’t work at all
That was the legacy ND5XS

Sorry, yes, that’s what I meant to write. The XP5XS was designed to partner the ND5XS. The ideal match for the NDX is the XPSDR.

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