Wrong Album image

Weird problem, wonder if anyone can assist me.
My CD Joe Henderson Mode For Joe is ripped via DbPoweramp to my NAS in FLAC format.
The artwork front cover is present and called folder.jpg
The Naim app shows the rear cover, no sign of the front! The rear cover image is not even uploaded to my NAS!
Any ideas please.

Is it embed in each track.

Just select all the tracks delete the rear cover and replace with the folder version.

Sorry, don’t understand your advice

What is your UPnP server? In Asset, I think the default is that it uses the art that is embedded in the files. When it is missing, it uses folder.jpg. You may have embedded the back cover in the files when ripping. Use mp3tag or similar software to check, and change if necessary

I can only speak Windows, but it’s similar with Mac.
Using your laptop /PC, access the album in the NAS.
Highlight (Select) all the tracks, right click & open ‘Edit ID Tags’ this is a dBpoweramp program.
At the bottom of the screen you will see the art that’s embedded in the metadata.
Touch ‘Choose from Internet’
A screen will open that contains all the art associated with that album.
Choose what you want, touch OK & it will embed the art file
After that’s completed you will now have two art files installed, remove the unwanted one by touching the ‘X’ on the unwanted art line on the right side of screen, then OK again.
That’s it, rescan or refresh the NAS UPnP software.
Next time you’re ripping, check the art before you rip

Find the tracks via windows explorer or similar

Right click gives you Edit ID-tag

You’ll see artwork

On the right is an X to delete

And below Load From File to replace artwork

Sorry about the poor picture quality.

@AndyP @Mike-B @Suedkiez …thanks so much for your advice. Ive followed the instructions and peace is now restored.

Grateful people.


Easy when you know how but a mystery when you see different artwork to what you expect.

Digital gardening.


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