X and XS

New to Naim. What do these terms mean when added to the model number of a unit? For example. A 122X should be better than a 122 but is it better than a 150? I realise it’s somewhat subjective but when it comes to sourcing used gear (which my budget only allows) I’m not always sure if it’s a big step up in SQ. It’s difficult to get comparison specs.

X or XS is an upgrade of an existing product. A 150 is a power amp while a 122 is a pre-amp so this comparison is not a valid one.

There wasn’t a 122. The 112/150 became the 112x/150x then the 112x was significantly improved to become the 122x. For what it’s worth I owned a 122x/flatcap2x/150x for three years and it was absolutely great. A modest budget can get you some excellent equipment.

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That’s good to know HH. I’ve just bought a 122x to front a bedroom system with a 200 non DR. Bought a bit of stuff recently to try out. Not had chance to listen to all combinations. Find I now probably have a couple of power amps that need to go with less than a month of ownership. You can do this with used gear without too much of a financial hit hopefully. Think I’ve another post coming on in that respect.

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