Gentlemen, I have a curiosity relating to the signal cables that reach Supernait 2 from my streamer (CXN V2).
Specifically, I have read from many places that the XLR outputs of the CXN are superior (sonically speaking) compared to the classic RCA ones.
At the moment I have the two electronics connected in this configuration, rca/rca
I was wondering if anyone had tried for example rca to din cables or as interests me from xlr to rca.
I can imagine that the xlr/xlr or din/din solutions are theoretically better … but I was really curious to know some technical notions or field tests of whoever had done it.
…all this before having the cable ‘made’ for me which I might regret …
thanks to all those who want to bring their experience!

Those XLRs are balanced, the SN’s RCAs are single ended, and you can’t connect the two. One thing you could look at is an RCA to Din cable. Naim make one that’s very good and costs about £120. If you really want a step up, an NDX2 would be a perfect match; the Cambridge isn’t in the same class as the Supernait.

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