XP5 XS Power supply with NDX 2

Good Morning,

My question is simple but I fear the answer maybe complicated. Looking at trading my ND5 XS streamer for an NDX 2. I currently have the streamer connected to the XP5 power supply. Has anyone used the power supply with the NDX 2? Can it be used? Or is best to get rid of both as the built in NDX 2 power supply is better than both of the older products. Your thoughts most welcome please and thanks


Ultimately you need to try this but I do recall that people only saw a minor improvement when the XP5 was used with the old NDX. I expect the same will be the case with the NDX2.

You could keep it and then look for a used XPS2 DR. It’s not uncommon for these to be on sale for under £2k.

I think if it were me I would trade both units in for the NDX2 and then think later about a pre-owned XPS DR (good) or 555PS DR (a lot better), the latter is very rare pre-owned though.




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