Xp5xs & xps

Hi all. I’ve been given an opportunity to ‘home dem’ a preloved 2003 XPS2. I have found that, admittedly only after 3 days ‘warming up’, it has collapsed the ‘soundstage’ instruments no longer sound (almost) real and the bass is a bit overwhelming. The Burndy is definitely the correct way round, so its not that. I unplugged it from the system & everything is back to the beautiful sound I love from my system - is it me or what??? :thinking::scream::slight_smile:
Anyone else found this to be the case? Thank you in anticipation

Sounds like it needs a service.

You don’t say what the system is so it’s hard to comment.

202, napsc, flatcapxs, 200, nd5xs bt, cd5i, goldring gr1, stageline + the xps, which I doubt I’ll keep :blush:

So you use XP5XS to power your ND5XS. Which is logical. Hower if it’s of 2002 vintage and has not been serviced… What you described is consistent with a power supply, which is overdue for service.
NAIM recommend that classic and xs series components be serviced every 10 years.

Thanks guys, and your reply’s seem logical to me; I’m going to contact who I borrowed it for from home dem & return it - shame though :frowning:

I’d advise a service, then it would do the business.

Hi all.
I gave up with the XPS, which I was p/xing my Dac V1 for; spoke to my local dealer (who are excellent) & ended up going over there with my ND5xs (26m round trip) & returning with a very nice NDXbt :blush: :partying_face:
They did me a fantastic deal & I’m now a really ‘happy bunny’ - highly recommend them, been a customer for many years.

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