XPS DR to NSC 222...?

I currently have a 222/NC250 driving Dynaudio Heritage Specials. I love it.
But, yes, I am aware of the NPX 300 and all the potential there is for SQ accretion.

Am also aware that Naim has legacy XPS DR units that can connect to to the new classic line.
In a fit of “Googling”, I came across a UK-based entity that declared:

" Our one and only exposure to using a legacy XPS DR with the 222 brought the unexpected result that the 222 was preferred powered under its own in-built supply."

Has anyone tried an XPS DR to 222?
If so, can you share results?

The NPX 300 is I’m sure wonderful. But, at $8,995, it’s a wee spendy.
Can get an XPS DR and requisite cable for around $3,000.

Yes, I get the need for auditions…blah, blah…not my first rodeo…:wink:
If auditions were so easy, I would not waste your time with my drivel.


Yes - I am doing it
It sounded really flat when first powered up, but after a few hours it improved and continued to get better - I believe the Burndy cable was the culprit for this, and that it took ages to settle in.
I previously had the XPS-DR powering my NDX2 and it was fine there, so I was a bit taken aback with initial results.
How long did this “UK based entity” try the combo for I wonder :thinking:
I was reluctant to spring $9K on a NPX 300 having spent almost that amount on the XPS-DR only a year or so ago. Getting the special cable was a good alternative.
One thing I noticed was that the 222 volume seems to need be 1 or 2 numbers higher with the XPS-DR that when stand alone.
I have posted about this on another thread previously - I might try a NPX 300 on demo at a later date.