XPS or XPS DR on nDac

I have the opportunity to buy either a used XPS or a used XPS DR (a non DR unit upgraded to DR) to power my loved nDac. Price for the non DR unit is about 50% of the DR unit. I have read here that the nDac has a certain synergy with non DR power supplies. Should I walk the DR or non DR route with my nDac for best musicality/synergy? Suggestions on the best route appreciated.

I should add that rest of my system is non DR (but recently serviced).

My XPS DR is an nice upgrade over my previous Olive XPS. There was nothing wrong with the Olive XPS though.

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It’s also a nice upgrade over a bare nDAC :slight_smile: I wish I could help @AndersI but my XPS-Dr is too new(well slightly used) but I never compared it to anything other than bare. Regardless it’s sounding really special right now.


When I had an XPS (with nDAC) and Naim were offering upgrades to DR for its PSs, I opted to have this done. I thought that it gave a nice improvement to the sound, but perhaps not as much as the DR upgrade on my HiCap (used with SN1) which was a good deal cheaper. For older XPSs you need to factor in the cost of a service, if not done already, and that may be as important as whether it’s a DR.


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I have the XPS -2 on the nDAC with CD5XS front end as transport

Sounds very good. Naim dealer said don’t really need the DR version with that setup

Depends where you want to end up if guess

They say with NDX2 one should have the XPSDR

DR was came after the nDAC was launched but it’s clearly an improvement IME. The PSU only powers the analogue stage as the onboard supply powers the digital circuitry.

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When I went to the DR, from non, it was a clear step up on my 2008 vintage CDX2 which was obviously designed pre DR tech. So my advice would be the DR - finances permitting.

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The forum consensus was a 555 non dr back in the days instead of the XPs dr.

Just sayin’ …

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